Swimming Pool Water Lab Test

Swimming Pool Water Lab Test








Company Introduction

NEKAD JAYA ENGINEERING was incorporated on 6th august, 2008 as a partnership company with its original establishment as designing & Construction specializing in swimming pool projects since 15 year ago. Through some years of perseverance and experience by the founders, the company has progressed remarkably as more and more swimming pool and fountain projects were awarded to us.

In recent years, NEKAD JAYA ENGINEERING. Has significantly restructured the Management and share-holding to boost the corporate status by extending its foray into more construction works such as Fish Pond (Bio-System), Rock works and Waterfall, Spa Pool, Reflective Pond and all water features. The Management by now is capable to handle all kinds of water work commitments and handover within the schedule. Thanks to our undivided team force and all staffs, we have successfully complete more than 20 pools of various sizes, (including involve 5 Olympic standard pools and M&E works) in Peninsula Malaysia.

Besides design and build services, we also provide consultancy and planning for private residence,
public listed company as well as government projects. Of course, reliability and After Sales Service
is our priority to the customers. With our commitment to provide professional and quality services to our customer needs, it is also our corporate philosophy and mission in inspiring an organization with proven good track record and to sustain a reputable image which we intend to build a company
to be known by its reputation ultimately.

Our Specialities

NEKAD JAYA ENGINEERING is a company design, build and refurbish all kinds of pools from residential to commercial buildings. We also offer our commitment which is to provide a safe and clean environment with a friendly and dependable staff at affordable prices. Our maintenance services include monthly swimming pool cleaning, chemical services as well as scheduled maintenance.

Our scope of main activities can be summarized as follows:-

To design all kind of swimming pool system, fountain and water feature system.
To construct all kind of swimming pool design, fountain and water feature system.
To Supply and install all kind of M&E works for swimming pool, fountain and water feature.
To supply and install all kind of swimming pool, fountain and water feature equipment.
To supply after sell service and maintenance for swimming pool, fountain and water feature.
To supply pool maintenance and lifeguard for public pool.
To supply all kind of swimming pool chemical.

Business Information

Registration Company Name : Nekad Jaya Engineering
Correspondent Address : 46-G Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6B , Seksyen 7, Putra Heights,
47650, Subang Jaya Selangor D.E.
Registration Number : SA 0088833-X
Person Contact :
Mohd Nazri Assaari

Hp Number : 019 2451185
Fax Number : 03-588871565
Email Address : nekadjaya.eng@gmail.com
Website : http://nekadjayapool.blogspot.com/
Banker : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad.
Bank Account No : 12159010001840
Bank Branch : Bank Islam Malaysia Putra Height.
Type of Business : Single Owner
MOF Registration Number : K2209334787801485
MOF Bumiputra Status : BP2209334787801485
Registration Number

Authorise capital & Authorise bankers

Authorise capital & Authorise bankers

Our Missions

To provide outstanding services and quality of workmanship to our customers- regardless of the size of their companies or the type of industrial requirement.
To supply only the superior quality goods that meet our customers' requirement.
To response immediately to every customer's request.
To constantly provide professional advices and technological updates to our customers as well as building a long term relationship with them.

Project Portfolio

Previous and current SWIMMING POOL DESIGN AND BUILD by us:

24’x 18’x 5’(D) Overflow system pool with spa jet system, Bungalow at Tg. agas Kuala Linggi Melaka.
26’x 10,x 4’(D) Skimmer system main pool with spa jet system, Bungalow at sec 8 Shah alam.
22’x 10’x 5’(D) Skimmer system main pool with spa jet system, Semi D at Kota damansara.
12’x 5’x 2’(D) Skimmer system children pool with spa jet system, Corner lot at sec 27 Shah alam.
20’x 5’x 2.3’(D)Water feature and fish pond with circulation system, Bungalow at sec 7 shah alam.
7’x 4’x 10’(H) Water Feature system Semi D at Kota Damansara.
12’x 5’x 10’(H) Water Feature system at Lobby Kastam Putrajaya.
25’ x 8’ x 4’(H) Skimmer system main pool with spa jet system, Bunglow at no.3 jalan malawati 5b riverview.
26' x 13' x 4' Skimmer System pool Bunglow at no.4 jalan kapur 3/3 syeksyen 3 Shah alam.

36' x 15' x 4' Skimmer System pool Japanase Homestay sungai kembung hilir bangi.
30' x 20' x 4' Bunglow at no.19 jalan jambu bertih 4/3f syeksyen 4 shah alam.

24' x 14' x 4' Skimmer System pool Semi D at u15/58e Denai Alam Shah alam
38msq Skimmer system pool Bunglow at usj 3D Subang jaya.
28' x 12' x 4' Skimmer System pool Bunglow at 9/5 Putra perdana Puchong Selangor.

Previous and current REPAIR AND REFURBISH SWIMMING POOL by us:

Main pool and wadding pool to change 35 nos underwater light at nilam condominium bukit puchong.
Main pool to treat swimming water and refurbish pool wiring and equipment system, Bungalow at desa subang permai au5 shah alam.
Main pool refurbish tiles and water proofing, at Polytect Mara college bangi.
Refurbish Mosaic For Water feature system at Kolam Taman Masjid Negara.
Proposed to supply and replace the existing wiring for underwater lighting at swimming pool level 9, Pnb Darby Park Kuala Lumpur.
Main pool modification skimmer system Bungalow at nilai impian negeri sembilan.
Propose new swimming pool suction pipe at sec 9 sri permata condo shah alam.
Main pool modification to add wadding pool with spajet system Bunglow at section 3 Shah alam.

Previous and current SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE by us:

Shangvi-la Condominium (Kelana Jaya)
Desa Kiara Condominium (Damansara Kim)
Apartment Medan Intan (Gombak)
Desa View Condo (Taman Malawati)
Bunglow lot at Tropicana
Bunglow lot at Damansara Height
Bunglow lot at Kota Damansara
Bunglow lot at subang desa permai
Bunglow lot at Kayangan Height
Bunglow lot at country height kajang
Bunglow lot at presit 10 putrajaya
Bunglow lot at sec 3 Shah alam
Bunglow lot at riverview (Taman Malawati)
Bunglow lot at Cendana kasih (sec 7 Shah Alam)
Bunglow lot at Villa kasih (sec 7 Shah Alam)
Bunglow lot at Sri permata condo (sec 9 Shah alam)
Brunsfiel riverview condo (Sec 13 Shah Alam)
De palma hotel (Sec 18 Shah Alam)
Vista indah Condo (Klang)
Bayu Villa Condo (Klang)
Prima Bayu Condo (Klang)
Bandar Baru Condo (Klang)



SKIMMER SYSTEM Surface skimmers are fixtures in the wall of the pool that draw a thin film of water over a self-adjusting floating weir. A surface skimming system is installed on all swimming pools and spas which is designed and constructed to skim the pool or spas surface. This is to make sure that the water level is always maintained within the operational parameters of the system's rim or weir devices.


OVERFLOW SYSTEM Overflow system is a channel or an open trench that runs around the perimeter of a pool. It is normally extended completely around the pool to skim the water surface. It is also known as an overflow gutter. Water is allowed to overflow and then recirculated through the pump and the filter to go back into the pool.


INFINITY SYSTEM An infinity pool (also named negative edge or vanishing edge pool) is a swimming pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing, or extending to infinity. In reality the far edge of the pool (with the view in the background) terminates in a weir that is one-half to one inch (12mm to 25mm) lower than the required median pool water level. A through or catchment is constructed below the weir, the water spilling into it where it is then pumped back into the pool.The effect is particularly impressive where the invisible edge apperas to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or with the sky (if the pool is located on the side of a hill or mountain).

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Kontraktor Kolam Renang

-Rawatan air untuk kolam renang
-Penjagan kolam renang
-Penjagan air kolam renang
-Pembersihan kolam renang
-Pembinaan kolam renang
40-G & 40-1 Jalan Putra Indah 9/1D, Seksyen 9,
Putra Heights, 47650, Subang jaya Selangor.
H/p: 0192451185 / 0162408515
Fax / Tel: 0351926595
Email: nekadjaya.eng@gmail.com
Page: http://nekadjaya.blogspot.com/


  1. kos membina swimming pool bersaiz 16'x8'x4(h)

  2. a.kum: saya nak kolam saiz 12x22x41/2 (D) ,berapa harganya.

  3. saya juga berminat untuk membina kolam renang. minta keterangan mengenai kos untuk 10'x10'4(h).